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Islena Airlines and GRUPO TACA have established a commercial alliance that allow offering discount airfare for flights within Honduras to our TACA Regional customers. Islena Airlines is the most important domestic airline in Honduras. They provide daily flights and airfare from Tegucigalpa to the main cities and islands such as San Pedro Sula and Roatan. With a new fleet of Cessna Grand Caravan's and Shorts SD3 60, there is no better way to travel in Honduras.

The Islena Airlines Cessna Grand Caravan 208 B Aircraft is approved by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Besides providing a safe and reliable flying experience, Islena airlines is constantly improving its customer service by becoming part of Grupo Taca.  With Grupo Taca Airlines, you can fly to the capitals of Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama and then connect with local cities or other international flights

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Islena Airlines General Information
Check in time Luggage allowance
  45 minutes before departure time  
maximum 27 pounds per passenger including carry on, excess luggage will be charge at $1.00 per pound, the extra luggage is subject to space
Flights Ground transportation
All Islena REGIONAL Flights departs and arrives at the International Airport.
  To / from Tegucigalpa
Limited Liability
The rules and limitations regarding liability are set by the law on the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Honduras. Islena Airlines reserves the right to cancel or postpone a journey free of liability on its part, when it must attend preferential obligations, such as the transfer of sick or injured persons, due to bad weather, or for any other cause for which it deems the suspension necessary, for passenger safety or to protect Islena Airlines ’s interests.
As a consequence, Islena Airlines does not assume the inevitable obligation of transporting the passenger on the precise day indicated on this ticket for the trip or for a specified flight.

Furthermore, it reserves the right of not accepting passengers that arrive for the flight in abnormal circumstances that may place the security of the remainder passengers at risk, or that may cause them any type of nuisance
Ticket Conditions
Tickets are issued in the name of a specific person and are not transferable, not endorsable and non-refundable. The Islena Airlines may check the identity of the passenger at any given time. Cancellations are allowed 48 hours before departure time and there is a fee of $15 per change made (policies applies).
Tickets are valid only for the flight / date printed on the ticket. Accordingly with the rules set by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Honduras Islena Airlines uses a standard weight of 185 pounds per passenger, if the passenger weight is higher than 250 pounds the passenger will have to make an additional reservation and pay an additional ticket. (If there is no space on the flight Islena Airlines will put the passenger on the next flight available, our will make a full refund).
Loss of Baggage
The indemnification to be paid by Islena Airlines in the case of lost luggage will not be greater than the corresponding fare for the segment of the trip where the loss of luggage occurred, unless Islena Airlines has been obligated separately and in writing to a greater indemnification and charges are paid for it.
Islena Airlines will receive special luggage, such as fragile and / or delicate articles, without liability for damage, deterioration, or partial or total loss
By the mere fact of using the transportation ticket, the passenger expressly waives any claim that may arise against the aforementioned conditions. In the case of ticket loss by the passenger, Islena Airlines assumes no liability whatsoever
To ensure their return reservations, all passengers must call Islena Airlines’s offices at any destination, to reconfirm their flight reservation at least 24 hours prior to flight departure. Islena Airlines will cancel any reservation as a 'no-show', for those passengers that have not presented themselves at the airport airline counter thirty (30) minutes prior to flight departure. A picture ID will be required at the Islena Airlines’s airport counter
Luggage Allowances
Maximum luggage allowance is 27 pounds per person including carry-on. Excess luggage will be charge at $1.00 per pound. The extra luggage is subject to space . Islena Airlines may refuse bag gages on the basis of excessive volume or safety reasons. We handle a maximum of two (6,9¨feet) surfboards per flight and pay $10 each way
Itineraries are subject to change without prior notice to the passengers and with no responsibility for the Islena Airlines. Islena Airlines will not be responsible for any losses or damages caused by the delay, anticipation, suspension, or cancellation of any flight due to force majeure, fortuitous events, adverse weather conditions, mechanical difficulties, or when the Islena Airlines decides so for security reasons or to protect Islena Airlines ’s interests

For further Information on Islena Airfare and flights call 1-800-493-8426


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